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Jewellery box (JM8) with loose divider and sliding divided tray

Handmade wooden jewellery box with Mahogony motif in lid

 Handmade wooden games for box cards, dice and dominoes

Mans tidy box


Handmade wooden mens tidy box


Catalogue number: MT1

One of the first boxes we made a good space for anyone who has lots of items to be kept in one place all our products are designed with practical use in mind we dont use any veneers we believe that solid timbers are best also if the boxes are damaged you won't have any cheap wood or mdf or ply to show even the motifs in the lids are a good solid thickness not thin veneers

Wood used: Mahogany / Oak / Chestnut

Approximate dimensions

11.25" x 9.5" x 3.75" / 300mm x 240mm x 95mm

Price: £245 Postage: £15


Handmade wooden mens tidy box




Hand made to order

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